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Online radio

"I love radio -it's inmediacy and especially it is intimacy- it is part of your life whispering into your ear"

Malcom Turnbull

The project & research questions

"Hijas de Jesús -Pamplona" students decide to go a step further and become real radio speakers.

1. Will the linguistic complexity of students' oral performance -operationalized assyntaxis complexity, lexical diversity and grammatical accuracy- improve through the implementation of a task using new technologies such as podcasting?

2.-Will students' engagement and perception about the development of English oral skills change if they use new technologies in the ESL classroom such as podcasting?


The research project was undergone in Hijas de Jesús highschool (Pamplona) with a total number of 46 sophmore secondary students.


2º E.S.O Students

46 participants
46 Amazing stories


It followed a mixed method research procedure with questionnaires in order to discover students' impressions and motivaiton about the project and a pre/post test to analyze if there were any improvement on students' linguistic complexity.